Frequently Asked Questions

Do we perform as a smaller ensemble?

Yes, we are available to perform as a string trio, string duet, or soloist. A smaller ensemble will result in a reduced fee, but keep in mind you will also reduce the overall sound and available repertoire. 


Do we perform with other musicians?

Yes, we are often asked to perform with other musicians and we do have a repertoire of wedding ceremony music for trumpet and string quartet. We will happily accompany singers and can offer recommendations for professionals we have worked with in the past. (We ask that the vocalist attends a 30 minute rehearsal before the prelude or start of the ceremony.)

Do you perform outdoors?

Yes, we perform outdoors. However, the concern of the string quartet is moisture. String instruments are made of wood, held together by tension and glue. If there is any precipitation on the day of the event, we must be completely covered to protect the instrument or we will have no choice but to pack up in order to protect our instruments. Additionally, temperatures must be within 60-90 degrees. 

How do I select music? 

Listen to the sound clips on this site, think about the mood you have in mind for the event and try to match the piece to the mood you want to create. Of course, we are happy to assist you in selecting music. We can provide you with our most requested pieces to help you make choices for your event. 

I would like a piece performed that is not on the repertoire list. Are you able to satisfy the request?

Yes. We constantly are adding to our quartet repertoire. If you have a request, simply ask. Many of the pieces requested are readily available for string quartet. We do request a three month lead time to gather such materials. If they are not readily available, custom arrangements can be made for a modest fee. 

How far in advance should I book The Asteria String Quartet?

We have several bookings as far as twelve months in advance. The best advice is to book as early as possible to reserve your date. 

How do I book a date with The Asteria String Quartet?

An event is considered booked when a signed contract and deposit is received by the quartet.

Can the quartet attend the rehearsal for wedding ceremonies?

Yes, but we generally do not attend the rehearsal, as it is normally unnecessary. However, should you have specific directions that require rehearsal attendance is possible fore an additional fee. The normal arrangement is to discuss the proceedings of the day beforehand, and to arrive fifteen to thirty minutes before we are scheduled to start playing on the day in order to set up and confirm details. During this time, we will meet with the wedding coordinator and minister or celebrant.